Just wanted to let you know, Florida, that I’m totally down with this.

The scorpion stabbing itself in the neck, tired of being a scorpion but having to have recourse to its own scorpionness in order to do away with itself as a scorpion.

- Julio Cortázar

What’s better than a venue cat? Nuthin.’

Expectations, Manageable

Going to see a band/artist you love at a 5,000-seat amphitheater and expecting the same intimate experience as when you saw them in a club is sorta like going to the doctor expecting her to cure your AIDS because she put two stitches in your finger the last time you saw her.

This thing has changed everything for the summer tour. A marvel of engineering! #programmableswitcher

Bird in flight. Toledo Zoo.

Indianapolis sunset.

Wow, Toronto. Just, wow. Thank you! #rawk #goodnight

Tonight, let us be your colorful spire of rock, Toronto. #soundacademy

Thinking too hard about carnivorous plants is, for vegetarians, like asking the Star Trek computer to solve pi.

Every time I listen to Sinead O’Connor's 2012 LP How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? I’m fairly astounded by how good it is. Of all the (so-called or actual) comeback albums from 80s and 90s acts in the past few years, hers is the only one that feels both like a natural picking up where she left off and also like a wholly matured and present piece of art. I’m not saying she’s not fronting here and there, but she is expressing her life in the now in ways that have much of the urgency and confessional force of her first two records, though she seems to be able now to judge herself as well as others. 

It’s also great to hear her collaborating with Marco Pirroni again. And her cover of John Grant’s “Queen of Denmark” is a cool move.

I just found out she’s got a new record coming out next month. Yeah!

(Source: Spotify)

Best I can recall, I’d not been to Cedar Rapids, IA before today and the city has really surprised my with its lengthy and well-kept bike bath and abundant fauna.

A short list of the beasts and birds I spied today:

  • One gopher
  • Numerous gaggles of geese
  • Scores of swallows and sparrows
  • Clutches of chickadees
  • Random red-breasted robins
  • A single cardinal
  • Many red-winged blackbirds
  • A lone deer
  • Five turtles on a log
  • Two rabbits
  • A probable yellow warbler

Good stuff, Iowa!